28 August 2008


Moustached Laurie from kaylaporter on Vimeo.

She had no idea I was filming her...
she was waiting for me to take a picture. I love it.

10 August 2008


After what felt like a never ending week at work, I'm finally getting around to writing about our first (Comic) Book Club meeting this last Wednesday. For the month of July we read Exit Wounds by Rutu Modan, which just won an Eisner Award for Best New Graphic Novel. Our friends Brady and Capree kindly hosted the meeting in their lovely home. Talking about the book was great, I don't usually get to talk about comics like that often...I just love geeking out. By the end of the night we were eating Andrew's rum cake and playing ping pong on Brady's Xbox.

Next month's graphic novel: Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi
Since the majority of us haven't read it yet, I think it'll be great. We're even going to watch the movie at next month's meeting! I'm pretty sure the next one will be at Jared and Brooke's place in Salt Lake.

02 August 2008


Today is Laurie's birthday and here is a drawing I did of her today in my sketchbook. Happy birthday, Gevlaur.

P.S. since this is my first post in this here blog, I suppose Laurie's birthday can also be considered the birthday of my blog. Cheers.