29 September 2008


Meh.. this is missing so much. I want to color it, but I feel like I don't have the right colors for it. Ha! Incompetence! Whatever, whatever.

16 September 2008

10 September 2008

08 September 2008


Near the end of the August I bought a new pocket sized Moleskine sketchbook. This is my fourth sketchbook that I've had this year. I'm used to the soft cover Moleskines (which I still love) but I thought the heavy paged hard cover would work well for what I wanted to do. Well anyway, everyday since I first got the little book I've drawn a little comic about something that happened that day. It's been a really good exercise so far and I'm excited to see how long I can keep it up. Here's a little example of what I've been doing (click for larger image):