17 November 2008


This might be old news to some but.. full seasons of Doug, Hey Arnold!, and Rocko's Modern Life are finally available on DVD. Here's the deal.. because of poor sales in the past, Amazon and Nickelodeon cut a deal called the "burn-on-demand" system.. which means you cannot buy these in stores, BUT I just discovered you can also buy them on iTunes. The DVD sets on Amazon range from $18 - $30 (Yikes!) but on iTunes they are much cheaper. Apparently the DVDs do not come with any special features, so if you decide to download them you're still getting everything except the packaging.

Other Nicktoons available on iTunes:
Aaahhh! Real Monsters!
Angry Beavers
Rocket Power

These are all I want for Christmas.. well actually, because I'm impatient I might just end up buying them for myself. I think the DVDs will make great gifts especially for the unfortunate youth living today who will never get to see these cartoons. Save a life, buy a child Season 1 of Hey Arnold.


Scrambled Fetus said...

If you get Rocko's Modern Life, will you please invite me over to watch it with you?!

joe said...

thanks! now i have the "doo doo doo" theme song stuck in my head.