10 December 2008


This is my third Christmas working for the USPS. I always forget how hard it is on my emotional state to work such long days, to never see the sun, to only eat microwaved foods! A few good things come out of listening to my iPod for ten hours a day though, and I'd like to mention three of them.

1. THE COMIX CLAPTRAP is a new show hosted by cartoonists Thien Pham and Rina Ayuyang in Oakland, CA. I met Rina up at Stumptown this year and she was so nice and I loved her comics - so of course, I was very excited to see that she had a podcast. They've been doing the show since September of this year, interviewing cartoonists such as Vanessa Davis, Renee French, Trevor Alixopulos, Gene Luen Yang, Jim Rugg, and Jeffrey Brown. Their newest episode came out this week featuring an interview with John Porcellino and it is awesome! In the episode, Thien and Rina share their own personal influences, talk about football, and also talk to Josh Frankel who gives a rundown of what he bought from the comic shop this week. There is also much less munching on chips into the mic and much more positive vibes (no rants) in this episode. It is indeed a great listen and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Mr. Porcellino (ALSO if you haven't heard, issue #69 of King-Cat is out!).

2. INKSTUDS is a weekly radio show hosted by Robin McConnell in Vancouver, BC. I've been listening to the show for two years now and have enjoyed some really great interviews with cartoonists such as Adrian Tomine, Gary Panter, Seth, Ron Rege Jr., James Kochalka, Jonathan Bennett, and the list goes on and on. Well, back in November Robin began a series of radio and web interviews with many of the artists that contributed to the new Kramers Ergot 7 - including, Anders Nilsen, Josh Simmons, Matthew Thurber, John Pham, and Frank Santoro. My favorite of all the Kramers interviews was with the man behind the whole book, Sammy Harkham. It was really cool to hear him talk about his intentions with the anthology, I must say, all of my preconceived notions of how ridiculous the $125 book was were put aside and I realized that this collection is really quite amazing. Harkham himself is a really inspiring person and probably gets me more pumped about drawing than any other cartoonist.

3. DINNER PARTY DOWNLOAD is a really short little show that comes out a few times a month. The podcast describes itself as a fast and funny "booster shot" of news and culture designed to help you dazzle friends and family at this weekend's dinner party. In every 10-minute episode you'll learn a joke, get the week's major headlines, bone up on some history, drink in a cocktail recipe, meet an artist of note, savor an emerging food trend, and hear your new favorite song. Alright, so yeah, it's a little gimmicky but I really like how much information they try to pack into such a tiny amount of time. To be honest, my original thought was that I was going to add this non-comic book related podcast to the list to prove that I don't have such a one-track mind. I failed. The latest episode (number 11) features cartoonist David Heatley plugging his new book My Brain is Hanging Upside Down. Sorry.

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