28 February 2009


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Calendar by Sarah Martin and myself for Slug Magazine. Go see a show!

16 February 2009


My dear friend Sarah.

I want to draw you too. Portrait party soon?

07 February 2009


See that pretty box sitting on top of my TV? Rabbit ears sat in that very place for nearly two years. That's right people, we officially have cable television in our apartment. Having cable is already consuming my life, so don't plan on hanging out with me anytime soon. At least I've set a few rules for myself:

RIGHT, let's see how long it takes before I gain 100 pounds.

06 February 2009


I got a new sketchbook for 2009. It's a Moleskine Cahier Pocket Sketchbook and it's tiny (3.5 x 5.5)! They're great for quick doodles like this:

Laurie at Oh Sushi last night / Quickly colored in photoshop this morning

She wouldn't let me draw in the face...but that's okay, I'm happy with it. I definitely plan on drawing a lot this year and posting the goods here.

02 February 2009


I'm just now getting around to writing about the new Ikea bookshelf my mom gave me for Christmas. I definitely outgrew my last bookshelf, so I was very happy to get a new one. The creepy cats are being used as temporary bookends and the bottom shelf is mostly yearbooks and boring stuff. I'm really looking forward to filling these spaces with REAL books (ahem -- overpriced comic books) in the future. There's a little bit of room for my obsessive collection to grow now!

Please note the gigantic Kramers Ergot 7 resting atop.

Okay, you can start laughing at me now.