07 February 2009


See that pretty box sitting on top of my TV? Rabbit ears sat in that very place for nearly two years. That's right people, we officially have cable television in our apartment. Having cable is already consuming my life, so don't plan on hanging out with me anytime soon. At least I've set a few rules for myself:

RIGHT, let's see how long it takes before I gain 100 pounds.


Porter Professionals said...

You are a nut....and make me laugh!
I love ya!

Brady said...

Congratulations! Enjoy "The Hills" and "The Girls Next Door" for me. Oh how I miss my smut.

I have to actually CHOOSE what I watch via Netflix which is too complicated. Plus, you get to watch all Jazz games now. Oh, the envy of you!

Capree said...

Sweet.. so now you're going to host all the Jazz games at your place, right? Yo yo!

Kayla Porter said...

Plan on it!

matt b said...