30 May 2009


Quick, cartoony doodles are usually the only way I draw myself. I rarely sit down, look in a mirror and study my face.

As long as I get the hair, glasses, and nose right - it usually looks like me.

Yesterday I stared at myself in the mirror and drew a series of quick self-portraits. It turns out when I try to draw a little more realistically, I still end up with a cartoon version of myself but with the self-deprecation knob turned all the way up:

To be fair to myself, I know I don't really look like this. I just got carried away with the acne...it was fun to draw.

ALSO: I got a new sketchbook after dropping my last one in a gutter before my camping trip to Bear Lake last weekend. Boo!


Capree said...

The images aren't showing up! I want to see them, dammit!

Kayla Porter said...

WHAT? It should be working. It's working on Laurie's computer.


Capree said...

Phew! I can see them now. I like your cartoony versions, your pseudo-realistic version, and the real life you all the same! Each one is pretty freaking awesome. Though, I can't say I ever noticed a unibrow - I always thought you had nice eyebrows (not in a creepy way, either).

Karly said...

I agree. You do have nice eyebrows.

K & H Zoo said...

Hi Kayla,
Your cuz Heidi here. I look at your blog, I hope you don't mind a blog stalker. I love the self portraits and I love the pictures of you and your fam at D-land and the beach. Love to see you some time!!!