26 June 2009


Awhile back I was at NPS (a crazy discount store in Salt Lake, think Big Lots but times one thousand) and I saw a comic book that was on sale for twenty-five cents. The title of the comic was HELEN KILLER. Yeah. I stared at it forever, thinking in my head, 'WTF? SERIOUSLY?' I don't have a ton of regrets - but I must admit that I've been kicking myself for the last two months for not buying it. I think about HELEN KILLER a lot, and I often bring it up when I'm with friends. Today I Googled it just to make sure I wasn't making it all up. I wasn't! Here she is...

From the official website: "At the dawn of the 20th Century, twenty-one year old college student Helen Keller has a dark secret science has restored her lost senses and granted her unimaginable power. Will she use it to protect herself and her country. or will it destroy them both? Thoroughly researched, Helen Killer blends a full cast of historical characters with high octane super-spy action, examining the extraordinary spirit of one of the most inspiring individuals of the twentieth century."

Oh my goodness.

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Ashley.Latimer said...

Curtis and I are avid goers of the NPS store. Not only do we go quite frequently, we also check their their ebay store on a daily basis. We should go together sometime...along with our D.I. runs we shall make soon.
I love you dearly.