28 August 2009


I redrew an old drawing from my sketchbook of my little brother Harrison playing the trumpet. It will be on Kilby Court's September calendar.

26 August 2009


First of all, I have to give props to my dear friend Capree for posting this in her 'shared items' on her Google Reader - without her doing so I probably wouldn't have seen this.

Chris Ware designed a shirt for Woot and it's going for $10 + free shipping right now! You should probably order one asap. I sure did.


How did I not hear about this sooner? Ah. This is pretty old news - but iGoogle introduced a new comics theme for the 40th Anniversary of Comic-Con last month. I personally went with Dan Clowes theme, but I also really dig the Jeffrey Brown and Renee French versions.


25 August 2009


Every now and then a really great hip hop act will come through Salt Lake. This Thursday will be one of those times. Eyedea & Abilites from St. Paul, Minnesota will be playing an all-ages early show at Kilby Court at 7pm and then a 21+ late show at Urban Lounge at 10pm.

22 August 2009


Last month Laurie and I booked a flight to Chicago for my birthday in October. There isn't any particular reason we want to go there -- other than Chicago seeming totally AWESOME, and the hot dogs and pizza looking AWESOME, and, of course, that we really need a vacation. Then a few weeks ago I was reading the Drawn and Quarterly blog and found out that John Porcellino, one of my favorite cartoonists of all time, would be on tour throughout the Northeast and Midwest this fall. Lucky us, he will be doing a signing and debuting his new book Map of My Heart at Quimby's Bookstore in Chicago the very weekend we are there. I am beyond thrilled for this.

From the D+Q website: "MAP OF MY HEART celebrates the twentieth anniversary of John Porcellino's seminal and influential comics zine, KING CAT COMICS, which he started self publishing in 1989 and which has been his predominant means of expression. In this collection, while Porcellino is living in isolation and experiencing the pain of divorce he crafts a melancholic, tender graphic ballad of heartbreak and reflection. Known for his sad, quiet honesty rendered in his signature deceptively minimalist style, Porcellino has a command of graphic storytelling as sophisticated as the medium's more visually intricate masters. Few other artists are able to so expertly contemplate the sadness, beauty, and wonder of life in so few lines."


photo by Laurie Geving

Get your lederhosen out! Snowbird’s 37th Annual Oktoberfest starts today. Eat bratwurst and sauerkraut and drink Uinta's Black Bier or Punk'n Ale in the beautiful Little Cottonwood Canyon. Visit Snowbird's website for hours and schedule.

21 August 2009


Sooo Octopus Project will be playing a free in store show at Slowtrain Friday night before they play at Urban Lounge. Vanessa from Slowtrain posted this on their blog earlier today:

"Octopus Project will be playing a FREE and ALL-AGES set at Slowtrain at 7 pm!!! I realize everyone likes coming to Gallery Stroll after 8 pm, but believe me, you will want to get an early start tomorrow."



20 August 2009


Thursday - Iron & Wine is playing a free show at Gallivan.
Friday - Gallery Stroll ANNNNND...

I'm very excited to see The Octopus Project at Urban Lounge.

Come hang out, friends.

16 August 2009


Meet Boris Robinhood.

10 August 2009


Well, we're all moved in to our new place. The house isn't put together at all, so pictures will have to wait til next time. Also -- big surprise! We got a new kitten yesterday. He's a Russian Blue named Boris. He's tiny and adorable. Pictures and possibly drawings (?) coming soon.

06 August 2009


Craft Lake City
The Gallivan Center
239 S. Main Street, Salt Lake City
Saturday, August 8th
from 2 pm to 10 pm

Don't miss this! Visit their website for a full list of the artists that will be showcasing.

Band Line-up:
2-3pm: Coyote Hoods
3-4pm: Mad Max and the Wild Ones
4-5pm: Aye Aye
5-6pm: Casey Prestwood & The Burning Angels
6-7pm: Cub Country
7-8pm: Subrosa
8-9pm: The Tiny Lights
9-10pm: Mammoth

05 August 2009


Designed by Sarah Martin and myself for Slug Magazine.

04 August 2009


I feel awful that I'm just getting around to this now..
we finally have a break from a weekend of moving hell!
Sunday was Laurie's 25th birthday! Yay!
It was also the one year birthday of this blog.
Congratulations, me.