31 August 2010


Eye candy anyone?

Jens Risom

29 August 2010


Awh, I love tiny things. Especially cars. This Peel P50 is just adorable.

28 August 2010


I would love to build a new dining table in the next few years. So here's a few of my favorite photos that I've saved in my "inspiration folder" on my computer.

Love this one by Mobelverket.

This set is amazing by Zeitraum Mobel.

I know I will never be able to afford either of these tables, but hopefully one day I'll have enough time to design and build a table that will be perfect for me and my space. Don't get me wrong, I totally LOVE my $10 garage sale dining set. Hah.

27 August 2010


The Archie chair and sofa by Nick Garnham and Rod Carlson, for Jardan.


SEPTEMBER 2010 Kilby Calendar

About once a year I attempt to tackle the Kilby Court calendar all by myself without the help of my lovely design partner Sarah Martin. I try to have fun with it and hopefully that shows. One of my favorite things about September is the Utah Fair.. so that was my inspiration. Also, who doesn't love banners?

T.K. Smith Design

1937 Delta 24″ De-luxe Scroll Saw. Check out T.K. Smith Design blog.

OMG, so nerdy but I love this scroll saw. Haha.

Speaking of which, school started back up yesterday. Sigh. It's going to be a tough semester but I'm excited. We're remodeling this guy's kitchen cabinets in his giant Saratoga Springs home. Frankly, the kitchen is crap - but we're going to make it beautiful!
We got a new table saw in the shop. It's a Saw Stop and if you haven't seen this youtube video, you have to check it out. I WILL NEVER CUT OFF MY FINGERS ON A TABLE SAW! YAY!

22 August 2010

Standard Made - Adam Rogers

It shouldn't be any secret that I love furniture. So why don't I ever write about the furniture I love? A few months ago I came across the work of a fella' named Adam Rogers.

His work is amazing. I love how classic his furniture feels, yet there is something so unique about it. And goodness, look at that joinery.


We've got a lot of projects happening/or about to happen at the ol' apartment. I'm refinishing a great mid-century Baumritter New York lounge chair at the moment. I'll do a post on that when I'm finished. I'm taking my sweet time with this one though. I got it at Savers for $7 - no cushions or webbing though, just bare, lovely bones.